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The importance of sport for our half a million blind and vision-impaired people cannot be underestimated. It provides an outlet, friendship, mental health, and of course physical well-being. Here at Eye Play Sport, our job is simply to help these people play.

We are a national body, sponsored and assisted by Workskil Australia. We run on minimal overheads and our board members are all volunteers, which means that 90 cents in the dollar raised goes to blind and vision impaired athletes. Above all, we strive to make ourselves transparent and accountable.

You and Eye.

South Australia is home to some of the nation’s greatest Paralympians and Eye Play Sport has been there to support them all the way.

Charismatic and committed, our team has a singular purpose. That of making BSC financially sustainable over the next 12 months so that it can continue to run its programs and services for its half a million client group across Australia.  We have identified clear pathways for creating an engaged community and high-performance campaigns.  We understand the important role innovation plays in today’s business world but more importantly, we understand the importance of being able to generate quality, radical ideas that cut-through and ultimately make money. After all, as a community profit organization, continuously challenging the status quo and seeking out all possibilities is simply part of what we do.

Eye Support a Star (SPONSOR AN ATHLETE)

When you’re blind or vision impaired, playing sport often involves a partnership with a sighted person. The same is true of our flagship campaign – Eye Support a Star. It’s more than a donation, it’s a partnership. With Eye Support a Star, a commitment is required from two people; the athlete who is given the opportunity to play and strives to do their very best in the sporting arena, and the person or organisation who has made a pledge to support them through regular sponsorship.

A catalogue of blind and vision impaired athletes enables sponsors to choose their ‘star’, and from that day a bond is formed between the sponsor and athlete.

Eye Change

If you walk into a café, pub, sporting club or even a butcher or a bakery, you might see one of our Eye Change boxes. They might look like regular Perspex collection boxes, but they’re much more than that. These boxes can be where Olympic medals begin, they can be the start of a lifelong sporting passion, they can change blind and vision impaired people’s lives forever. Yes, a little change from you today can bring massive change to our athletes tomorrow.

Eye Challenge

When you’re blind or vision impaired, sport brings with it two challenges – the challenge of overcoming your lack of sight to play and compete; and the challenge we face of finding the money to make the first challenge possible. That’s where Eye Challenge comes in. The vehicle for Eye Challenge fundraising is usually well known sporting events like the Santos Tour Down Under and City to Bay fun run. Sighted individuals, teams and corporates run, swim, ride or play to raise money so that their blind and vision impaired counterparts can do the same in similar events.  

Eye to Eye

Fundraising doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Sometimes it can be fun, like our biggest event of the year, the Eye to Eye Ball. Held in various cities around Australia, the Eye to Eye Ball raises money not just through ticket sales, but also via silent and main auctions, wine walls and raffle tickets. It’s a great chance too for people to meet and hear from our blind sports stars and celebrate their achievements through annual awards.

Eye Pledge

Perhaps you have a blind or vision impaired friend or family member? Maybe you have been affected by a story of a blind person’s courage and determination, or you simply want to help? Whatever the reason, Eye Pledge is a program whereby you can nominate an amount to go to the Blind Sporting Council in your Will. Please contact us for further information or to discuss making a pledge. 

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